Thursday, November 4, 2010

180-Degree Panoramic Views of Meakhong River

Location :
284 Chaikhong road, Chiang Khan Loei 42110  : Near Wat Tha kok(Temple Tha kok)  Tel:+668 1939 9273,+668 6327 5098

The view from Ganga will dazzle all eyes with breathtaking 180-degree panoramic views of Meakhong river, offering one of the most spectacular spots in Chiangkhan to enjoy all day especially the late afternoon watching the sun gradually drop towards the horizon or lets yourself relaxing riverside by warm in the balmy night air, under the stars and twinkling Chiangkhan lights. Add world-class beer, unbeatable international food and seamless service.

Great place, great atmosphere for a relaxed with great book, free WI-FI and magnificent antique decoration after a long day of sight-seeing to enjoy international cuisine as well as coffee and a selection of international beer.

Stunning, over 100 years ancient house. Art and antiques collection that should see at least once in a life time, impress service, free WI-FI, variety of book, you will find it difficult to venture out at all.
Riverside entrance.
Traditional Thai's showcase at the noodle shop for more than century ago.
Traditional Chinese's medicine cabinet for more than century!
                                                  Art exhibitions in every corner.
                                    Antiquities Porcelain

                         Wars gun case in the history.      Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Painting.
                                     Table from almost 100 years treadle sewing machines!

                 Varieties of antique books. Let's find out the rare book values, here!

                Antique chandelier that it's use to be pressure lamp!

                             Antiques Collection.
 The table from ancient beekeeping. Produced so much honey in the history.

Delicious food served with a great big side of friendly smiles and warm hospitality.

Fabulous selection of steaks!                  fresh fish is the boneless fillet.

Don't settle for ordinary ham and cheese sandwiches     Ganga's Famous Burgers!
when we can make something deliciously different.
                        German sausage and All day breakfast!
"Homemade Pasta" You will love.

Best places in town to get a slice of gourmet pizza

We aim to bring your mind's images of perfection in harmony with your superior taste, our beverage !

Many varieties of famous beer all over the world.

Delicately rich, balanced but gracefully intense coffee. Symphonically rich coffee of extraordinary elegance.
The best coffee machine and coffee bean!
Mean it is the best brewer for you.

Open Monday - Saturday (Tuesday of) from 09.00 Hrs. - 21.30 Hrs.
For Reservation Tel: +66 (0)8 1939 9273 . +66 (0)8 6327 5098
Location :
284 Chaikhongroad Soi 19, Chiang Khan 42110 Loei : Near Wat Tha kok(Temple Tha kok)  ,